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velvetdahlia unfriended both me and Joanna a few weeks ago and I don’t know why. Joanna happened to check Semagic (an lj client) for friends list changes. That’s when I saw she’d also unfriended me and removed both of us on facebook as well. It was the first time I was told by a program that I wasn’t friends with someone anymore. I think that if you’ve hung out with someone a few times and they’ve been to your home then they at least owe you a sentence or two before they break off all relations for no obvious reason. I waited about a week for her to say something but she never did so I emailed her.
[her name],
I noticed you unfriended me and Joanna from your lj and facebook. The lj client I use said, “velvetdahlia has removed you from their friends list”. Care to elaborate any?
A week later still with no response says that she doesn’t care to elaborate. This is particularly awkward because her husband, who’s company I do enjoy, hasn’t unfriended us and we have several mutual friends. Truthfully it would not surprise me if I found out that some of you dear readers know more about what’s going on with this than I do. I’m not asking anyone to take a side but I would like to say that if, due to this I’m relegated to some lame filter just because you don’t want to remove me then please, I invite you to unfriend me. If we have met though, I would appreciate a few words. It’s the decent thing to do.
I suppose I’ll go unfriend her now.

Commando Libya

I'm not sure what it was that reminded me of this but, when I was about 10 years old my mother used to drive us to one of my aunt and uncle's house to visit occasionally. He had some type of desk job in the Air Force where he made made early pirate copies of games. He copied that floppy. Anyway, as a kid I thought their house was boring but I would play games on his Commodore 64. One of the more strange ones I remember playing was Commando Libya. It is an overly easy, intentionally tasteless, low quality shooter type game. People run across the screen with guns. They can't hurt you but shooting them gets you points. There are barrels that do hurt you but they're very easy to shoot. Then the bonus stage is a shooting a number of blindfolded people standing against a wall. Then if you get the high score there are three people sent to the guillotine with your initials on their chests. It has a high WTF? factor. Here's a video of the game. It's far too long. Skip to 1:00 for bonus level and 2:00 for the high score.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saw this and I couldn't pass it up. I think we're going to order a pizza.

and while I'm at it:
Thanksgiving Prayer - William S. Burroughs


We had been watching Blossom recently. I remember it being bad. It is worse than that. It is well into the territory of ironic delight. It airs at 10am on the channel Trouble so Joanna never got to see it so I started recording them. It was soon after that I realized that Trouble only has about twenty episodes but there are some magical moments within even those. There are guests stars galore on the show: Mr. T appears as a figment of Joey's imagination, B.B. King "jams" with Blossom's dad, David Schwimmer plays a married guy in his late 20s who begins dating Blossom's 16 year old bff Six, Phyllis Diller appears in at least two episodes as an ambulance crew co-worker to Blossom's older brother and Hugh Hefner plays himself in an episode where Joey goes to the Playboy Mansion. Then there's still the bizarre theme episodes such as: the Blossom goes to Paris two parter, Blossom goes to Disneyland and there is an exceptionally awful two parter where the cast of Blossom is inserted into a Frankie & Annette beach type movie. There is another episode that is done as a film festival with a short vignette for what each character "made" for their film and in that episode is the music video for Joey's song!!! Strangest, there is an clip episode that breaks the 4th wall throughout and the actors "talk" about the characters and favourite scenes.
If you, like me, haven't watched Blossom since the early 90s and remember it as a crap issue driven sitcom then give it another chance, it's terrible.

EDIT: The Joey Lawrence video!

Youtube music video

After someone on my f-list posted a music video I've been watching videos for about an hour now. There are a lot of things that I didn't know there were videos for.

Felt (MURS and Slug) - Early Mornin' Tony

smoked beer

Joanna's mom went to Germany a few months ago an brought us back assorted goodies from there. We ate everything long ago but had set aside the smoked beer or Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen if you want to be fancy about it. Finally a few day ago it was decided that we had waited too long and opened one. I enjoyed it but it is certainly unique. It's not just a name, the smoke flavour really stay with it. I was told that it tastes like bacon and in a way it does. It also kind of tastes like a house fire in a nice but nearly overpowering way. I have a photo of the bottle which I took but I've yet to take it off the camera.

$35 a vote?

The election cost $4.2bn ($5.3bn if you include the congressional and senate races). 120-130m Americans voted. So that’s nearly $35 spent for every vote cast. (link)

my candidate!

It hasn't changed one tiny bit

I was just wandering about on youtube and found these two promotional videos for Southend! I'm not positive but I think both are from the 80s.

I would post the other too but they have embedding disabled! Grrr! Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y61CKD43vIg

Come on election, end!

Via this post from margann I was reading an article on the Independent (link) about the arrest of those wacky skinheads that had planned the Butch & Sundance style assassination of Senator Obama. In amongst the story of their plan I noticed an error on the story where it refers to Obama as "the first black presidential candidate". Wat? My memory isn't infallible but I recall voting for Al Sharpton in the 2004 Democratic primary and I remember Jesse Jackson running in the 80s. After thinking about it longer than I should've I decided they were making liberals look bad and I wrote them a nicely worded email. So, I've become a letters to the editor person. Seemingly I can't leave well enough alone when I think someone's clearly wrong. I also can't wait for this election to be over. All the hype and campaigning has whipped up people into a strange frenzy. Nearly anyone would be an improvement over the current US administration. Who thinks they can drive the bus better than the retard? As much as I would like to believe in "change" I just can't seem to swallow it. I expect business as usual from the future Obama administration. Foreign relations will change slightly and domestic affairs will be about the same. I'm not saying that there's a better choice. I also think it's really cute that America thinks it's edgy for supporting a moderate. I'm also not saying the politics here are any better. They're just crap in a completely different way.